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A Little About Me :)

Hi everyone! I am the influencer behind MeghansWorldTour. From an early age I always wanted to start a YouTube channel. In August of 2019 I decided to give it a go and have been creating videos and vlogging on my channel ever since.


I grew up in a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas my whole life up until college. Now at 22 years old I am a senior at Texas Tech University majoring in Communication.


I had been dreaming of the study abroad program, Semester at Sea, for several years. During the Fall 2022 semester my dreams came true and I lived on the MV World Odyssey ship for 4 months and traveled to 11 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.


After Semester at Sea my passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures grew immensely. Through MeghansWorldTour my goal is to share travel tips and recommendations based on my experiences around the world!

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