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Guide to Croatia

Where I went

Where I went

Where I went

  • Dubrovnik

  • Split


Ziplining over Dubrovnik and sailing at sunset!

Croatia is without a doubt an underrated country within Europe! There are over 1,000 lakes along it's coastline making it the perfect destination for island hopping and endless water activities. 

The country is filled with rich culture, diverse cuisines and lots of natural beauty. No matter where you look, you can find the iconic red-roof buildings and tasty foods influenced by other countries. 

The popular TV series Game of Thrones was filmed in various locations in Dubrovnik. There are endless tours you can book to see iconic scenes from the show. Not to mention, they are affordable (20 euros) as it is a group tour. 


What to Expect




The official language of Croatia is Croatian! Depending on the area you will also encounter Bosnian and Serbian. 

The main currency in Croatia is now the Euro! Previously when I visited they were still using the Croatian Kuna, however since January 2023 the country has fully switched to Euros. Credit cards are widely accepted but I would recommend taking out euros before leaving for your trip to have cash easily accessible. Don't wait to get euros until arriving to Croatia as you will pay a lot in bank/atm fees!

The high season in Croatia is from mid-June to mid-September while low season is from November- April. Costs and temperatures will be lower during the low season. I visited during mid October and the water was chilly but not unbearable. 

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All things Croatia

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