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Guide to Kenya

Where I went

Where I went

Where I went

  • Mombasa

  • Tsavo East

  • Tsavo West

  • Kilifi


Waking up early for game rides & visiting the Koinonia community

Where I went

Kenya has a special place in my heart. There are so many amazing places to visit during your time here and you will not leave disappointed. 

One of the main reasons people visit Kenya is to experience the infamous safari rides. And let me tell you... I can see why! It was so amazing witnessing elephants, zebras, lions and more in their natural habitat. The early morning sunrise and sunset game drives were some of my favorite since the animals are most active during these times.  

I would also suggest visiting a village or orphanage to give back. There are many areas in Kenya where citizens face challenges due to poverty, lack of access to basic resources and limited economic opportunities. I visited the Koinonia community based in Kilifi county and it was such an amazing and eye opening experience.  


What to Expect




The official languages of Kenya are Swahili and English. To greet others say "Jambo" which means hello. "Asante" means "thank you" which you will use on the daily. 

The main currency in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling! I highly suggest ordering the currency before visiting Kenya to avoid bank/atm fees. Credit cards are accepted but not widely depending on the area you're in. You will need cash to tip your safari driver and any other guides you have as well. 

The high season in Kenya is from June-September. These are the most optimal times to visit in an attempt to see the Big Five. I visited in late November and although we did not see the Big Five, there was tons of animal sightings. We paid less for the tour and accommodations during the low season. 

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All things Kenya

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