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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

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Dubrovnik seen from the City Walls

Anyone visiting Dubrovnik should be glad to know there are plenty of activities in the town to keep your vacation exciting and educational. It is a medieval city widely known for its filming locations of the tv show Game of Thrones. Whether you are looking for water activities or historical tours, Dubrovnik has it all!

You can see the main attractions of Dubrovnik within one day, however I recommend spending at least three days here to hit a wider range of activities. I think I can speak for a couple of my friends and myself when I say Croatia was a country that kept us wanting to stay for longer than expected.

No matter how long you are staying, here are the best things to do in Dubrovnik.


The Dubrovnik Walls | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The walls are definitely of the main highlights you should see during your time here. You get the best of both worlds on this walk with the rooftop views on one side and the Adriatic sea on the other.

View from the Dubrovnik Walls | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The entire city walls walk is about 1 mile long and I would suggest allowing 1-2 hours to complete. There are a couple of shops/cafes along the way that you might want to stop at!

The entrance fee to the walls is around $30 per person. I recommend purchasing the Dubrovnik Pass as you get entrance to the city walls in addition to several other sites in the town (also around $30).


Walk Down to Cliff Jumping Spot at Buza Bar | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Buza Bar is one of Croatia's most iconic spots for several reasons. This hole in the wall bar (literally) is known for its famous cliff jumping spots and sunset views.

Getting there is a little confusing but once you see an iron gate with a hole in the wall... you'll know you're in the right spot! When my friends and I got to Buza bar we went past the restaurant down the steps to a secluded rock area. Once down here you will most likely see people climbing up the rocks. This is how we figured out the most popular spot to jump from.

Buža Bar Views | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

No fear... if you are not the cliff jumping type this is a great area to relax and watch people tackle the jump for a great show. I did not make the jump myself but I still enjoyed watching everyone! You can also get in for a swim on the shore.


View from Zipline Experience | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of my favorite activities during my entire time in Croatia was this Sunset Zip-line experience on Viator. My friends and I booked this tour since we wanted to a fun activity overlooking Dubrovnik. This activity exceeded our expectations!

You will be driven by the company, Panorama Zipline Dubrovnik, to the zip-lining site. Our group completed a total of four zip-line runs all overlooking the town. The tour guides made everyone feel super comfortable and we had a great time!

Zipline and Sunset Wine Tour | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

After zip-lining we were driven over to an area where we watched the sunset. They gave us a small bottle of local wine to enjoy as well. We paid $45 per person for a total of three hours! I highly recommend this tour for your time in Dubrovnik:


Walking around Old Town Dubrovnik is a great way to get familiar with the city. I found my friends and I walking around several times and it never got old. You are destined to come across The Stradum, which is the main street in Old Town.

The Stradum | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

This area is filled with restaurants, souvenir shops, gelato and more. It is very clean but it can get crowded at times! Make sure to see Old Town during the day and at night!


Gelato in Dubrovnik | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

There are TONS of gelato shops throughout the Old Town. I think I tried just about all of them... but this one was my favorite!

Sladoledarna Dubrovnik | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

This shop had tons of flavors to choose from and the workers were super welcoming and funny! On Google the shop name is listed as "Gelateria Dubrovnik".

Located at: Stradun 17, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Sail Boat Tour | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia has beautiful waters that need to be explored! We knew before coming here that a boat tour was a must for us!

We booked a four hour sail boat tour that took us to the Elaphiti Islands. Our guide also took us to the Blue Cave where we were able to swim inside. This was during October so the water was a little chilly, but it was worth it!

View of the Elaphiti Islands and Sunset | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The tour ended at sunset hour which was very peaceful and a great way to end the day! We booked our tour through GetYourGuide, with the tour company Vjetar. I am not sure if this company is still in business as I could not find them... however there are plenty of tours on GetYourGuide, Tripadvisor and Viator.

We payed $45 per person for a total of $270 USD not including tips!


Game of Thrones Guided Tour | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The town of Dubrovnik is known for its filming locations of the famous TV show Game of Thrones. Neither my friend or I had seen the show but we decided to book a guided GOT tour anyway. Most of these guided tours meet at the entrance of the Old Town and then take you to famous filming locations. The tour was nice because they showed pictures of the scenes and explained them which was helpful for people that have not seen the show!

Game of Thrones Tour Sites | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The tour we booked was $20 per person for two hours. The only thing that was not included was the entrance to the Fort Lovrijenac, also known as St Lawrence Fortress. This stop had several filming locations and did take up about half of the tour so purchasing the fortress ticket is needed. You can do this upon arrival for around $13 USD.

I would recommend purchasing the Dubrovnik pass if you are planning on seeing the fortress and the city walls. You can use your pass to gain entry here while on your game of thrones tour or on your own.

If you do not purchase the Dubrovnik pass before coming to the fortress you can show the fortress ticket when purchasing your city walls ticket to "get a discount". The city of Dubrovnik will not charge you the full amount to see the city walls since you already purchased your fortress ticket, as long as you show your ticket!


Cable Car Ride | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The cable car through the town is a great way to get a panoramic view. I did not get a chance to do this activity but my friends did and enjoyed the ride. A round trip ticket is around $30 USD and a one way ticket is around $16 USD. This is a great alternative to the zip-line tour I mentioned earlier if you want a more relaxing activity!


Mlinar Pastry Shop | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I saw several of the Mlinar pastry shops throughout Croatia. I am a sucker for breads and pastries so this shop was perfect for a quick snack or even a meal! Everything was pretty cheap as well.


Viewpoint from Fort Lovrijenac | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Also known as St Lawrence Fortress, Fort Lovrijenac is a must see in Dubrovnik. Entrance to this site is included with the Dubrovnik pass or your city walls ticket. This is also a popular wedding venue in Croatia!

Fort Lovrijenac | Best Things to do in Dubrovnik

If you are not doing a Game of Thrones tour I highly recommend coming here. The view of the city walls is gorgeous! Entrance to this fort alone is around $13 or $30 to see the fort and city walls!


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