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Meghan's World Tour Blog Launch!

I am excited to announce the launch of my blog! This is all about travel tips and recommendations based on my experiences.
I just recently wrapped up my study abroad program, Semester at Sea, during the Fall 2022 semester. I lived on a ship for 4 months where I travelled in Europe, Africa and Asia. During this program I witnessed different ways of life and various cultures all while taking college classes.

I learned a LOT about traveling during this program. With limited wifi on the ship I had to be efficient while planning my travels for the next country we were headed to. I found accommodations, things to do and places to eat about a week or two before arriving to a brand new country.

I am here to help you with your future travels! Some of the upcoming content on my page includes:

-Things to Do In...
-Where to Stay
-Safety Tips
-Foods to Try
-Semester at Sea

I vlog all of my travels over on my YouTube channel as well! Check it out here

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